Why a Roadsmith Trike for Your Gold Wing?

Independent Rear Suspesnion:

Roadsmith was the first company to innovate independent rear suspension for trike conversions. We employ a trailing arm style design which eliminates unesscessary moving parts. Click on the graphic below to learn more:

Longer Wheelbase:


A Roadsmith conversion extends the overall wheelbase of the bike by 8", which sets the axle behind the passenger (instead of sitting over it). Any vehicle with a longer wheelbase will ride smoother since there is more space in between bumps.

Heavy Duty Automotive Components:


The conversion features automotive grade components which provide maintenance free longevity and commercial availability when the time comes to replace a wearable item.





(Click the graphic below to enlarge)

Heavy Duty Driveshaft:

DESIGN: Unique and highly engineered approach to power transference in a trike. The driveshaft incorporates a slip yoke which allows for removal and inspection in a matter of minutes, unlike the labor intensive procedure of the competition.

STRENGTH: Constructed of 2” tubular steel and equal size, sealed automotive u-joints. Ensures balanced delivery of power, longevity and commercial availability of components, unlike the competition.

PROVEN: Over 20 years and counting with virtually no failures. It’s details like this that have continually made Roadsmith the leader in trike design and innovation

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